That is what I’ve been asked and asking for several years. For as long as I can remember I have felt tired, I have been sick in the spring and in the fall. Many times winding up in the hospital with everything form Pneumonia and what doctors called Prostitus (terrible bleeding in the bladder is what I called it). After getting sober in 1997 I steadily felt better but then I started to get very sick again. Always tired and when in the sun extremely tired to the point of almost falling asleep while driving. Two sleep tests showed nothing. Terrible depression, Welbutrin helped a little but was not an answer. I ate and ate and ate and was still hungry and not gaining weight. These symptoms went on for two years after a friend told me of Dr. Horning. And my reply was that I was going to exhaust all “mainstream medical” efforts before I tried him. Waiting was my big mistake. The final symptom was sleeping for eight, ten, twelve hours and waking up like I hadn’t slept and worse I had what I would describe as a terrible hangover, like I would get after drinking all night. No kidding, and I had a lot of those nights and mornings in my drinking career. For a sober alcoholic this was maddening. I got to the point that I wasn’t able to turn my head more then ten degrees to the right or left. And all the time my friend kept telling me about Dr. Horning and how he could help. Well I finally came to see him and within less than a week he had me sleeping through the night and within less than a month I could turn my head. I no longer have trouble sleeping and found out that I had a systemic yeast infection and parasites. Something that all the blood tests that my doctors had missed and Dr. Horning found in one session. My allergies are for the most part gone as long as I stay away from foods that set then off. I no longer suffer from urinary tract infections at the drop of a hat: no more burning. No more eating and still feeling hungry. For me to listen to my friend about Dr. Horning was the best thing I could have done for myself. I only wish that I had listened sooner. Like maybe when I was a kid!