Slight Paralysis of My Leg, Knee Problems, Hip Pain, Stiff Necks, Major Headaches

Slight Paralysis of My Leg, Knee Problems, Hip Pain, Stiff Necks, Major Headaches, Back Pain etc….

My relocation to New Jersey and leaving a trusted Chiropractor behind was a very challenging road which eventually led me to Doctor Horning. My entire family and I have seen Dr Horning now for about 17 years. I simply would not have the quality of life and mobility with the freedom from pain without his unique type of therapy. Doctor Horning is who I will talk to first before seeing any other physician. My condition is serious a lower spinal defect. Conventional medical doctors wanted to fuse my lower vertebrae to try and stabilize my varying symptoms. It’s a miracle that can I get around normally and I’ve also amazed doctors how I was able to carry children full term. Some of the symptoms I’ve suffered from include slight paralysis of my leg, knee problems, hip pain, stiff necks, major headaches, back pain etc…. Seeing medical doctors for any of these symptoms proved unsuccessful. Chiropractic care with Dr Horning was how I was able to obtain relief and results with some sense of normalcy. Doctor Horning has been able to keep me relatively pain free with consistent freedom and mobility. He cares about treating the entire body system. When other doctors were startled and challenged by my spinal condition, and offered little hope and relief, Doctor Horning healed me and relieved many of these symptoms. As long as I see him and receive his therapy on a monthly basis I continue to enjoy good health with my condition under control.

Lynn G.