Severe Neck Pain

Severe Neck Pain

Nervous and scared about chiropractic


Let me start off by saying that just a few short weeks ago I was a total chiropractic skeptic. I have now come to the realization that this was mostly because I was uneducated on chiropractic care itself.

A few weeks ago I was suffering from severe neck pain. The pain was interfering with my work, gym routine, driving and sleep- I was miserable. I tried the whole Motrin, ice and heat methods I had read online but nothing was working.

A few close people I know had suggested seeing a chiropractor- even though I was skeptical I was desperate to get rid of the pain. I heard great things about this office and made an appointment with Dr. Horning and it was the best decision I ever made. He explained to me all about chiropractic care and put me right at ease. He sent me for X-rays to better diagnose the cause of pain. A pinched nerve and total disc displacement throughout my entire neck was the diagnosis.

Every visit I was educated on what exactly was going to happen that visit, Dr. Horning made my anxiety about getting adjusted fade away. The staff is so sweet and helpful and made me feel comfortable right away! Every visit was simple and the pain from the pinched nerve was gone in just three short visits, now the adjustments to get my neck back to “normal” are just beginning. I am already feeling so much better physically and am looking forward to making my body healthy again!

Chiropractic care is amazing and a healthy lifestyle must- Go see Dr. Horning and his amazing staff today!


Laura R.