Scalp and Back of Head Headaches

Scalp and Back of Head Headaches, Sinus Infections

My journey began over 8 months ago. I started developing scalp and back of the head headaches. In addition I was constantly getting sinus infections and was just feeling miserable. Unable to concentrate and general feeling of always being tired began to rule my life. I had gone the traditional route of seeing my Primary Care Physician. Thinking it was a sinus infection they prescribed a strong dose of antibiotic and steroids. They also took blood to check for every possible cause. Nothing! After 14 days I was still not feeling well and the headaches getting worse. Another trip to the Doctor and another course of antibiotics AND still feeling lousy, they referred me to an ENT. They as well prescribed another course of antibiotic, additional steroid and now added a nasal spray. The headaches continued to get worse. I was not able to concentrate. I would wake up and go to sleep – headache. My Doctor then sent me to a neurologist. A MRI later it was determined that there was nothing wrong with my brain I was sharing my struggles with my neighbor whom immediately recommended I see his chiropractor Dr. Horning. Desperate to get me life back I made an appointment. I was lucky to get a new patient appointment the same day I called. I was able to secure my first treatment the following day. Life as I know it will never be the same –Within 3 appointments I started feeling relief from the headaches. Within 6 appointments I was able to find a renewed energy. After 14 days not only were the headaches gone, my blood pressure was normal and I had lost 10 pounds. I can not tell you how happy I am to have reclaimed my life. Thank you Dr. Horning

Tom K.