Pain free and pregnant!

Pain free and pregnant! - Success was achieved so quickly

I was referred to Dr. Horning by a co-worker 1 ½ months ago. For ten years I’ve had lower back pain from a college sports injury. This pain was not constant, however, due to a change from a desk job to nursing, it was becoming more uncomfortable, sometimes unbearable. Also, I had been trying to get pregnant for 2 ½ years with no success. My co-worker recommended seeing Dr. Horning for my back pain (also suggesting that the injury could be what was preventing me from getting pregnant.) With reservation I made an appointment thinking that I had nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain. Now 1 ½ months later, my back pain is gone and I’m 6 weeks pregnant. Who would have known success would be achieved so quickly? I feel better than ever and I am even exercising again and I have Dr. Horning to thank for that.

Hope D