Our son's life was totally changed

Our son’s life was totally changed. Our son Lucas was a welcome addition to our family in September of 2003. When we brought him home I knew in my heart something was not right. Lucas would hold his head in a strange tilted position and not move it side to side. The pediatrician said he was fine and would grow out of this.

Then as 3 to 4 weeks of age he developed severe eczema all over his body. I was certain it was a milk allergy but again was told that this was something we could control and he would grow out of. He didn’t! It turns out he had torticollis (tightening of the neck muscles) and as a result had to wear a helmet for plagiocephaly (facial and head deformities from not moving his neck).

After a year of physical therapy he was able to move his head properly. He still battled the eczema using creams and oils everyday.

Then at the age of 32 months he had a severe asthma attack that put him in the PICU for 3 days. He had been battling seasonal allergies for some time but the pediatricians did nothing. In the hospital we were told that kids with eczema tend to develop asthma.

Lucas was put on doses of steroids, breathing medications and allergy pills. Our son’s life was totally changed, and so was ours. For the last several years we have lived with all these medicines supposedly meant to help his condition but all they did was lessen the symptoms, and sometimes they even failed at that. The allergist could not find out exactly what was triggering all the symptoms – just gave us a long list of the usual culprits but never tested him for any food allergies.

After hearing a friend’s success story with Dr. Horning, we brought Lucas to be evaluated. Dr. Horning and his staff were friendly and helpful and our visit was painless unlike the trip to the allergist. We took Dr. Horning’s advice and put Lucas on a yeast free diet and began using supplements. Within a month, Lucas is a happier, healthier, medicine-free almost 6 year old. We feel Dr. Horning and his care has been the answer we’ve been searching for all along. Thank you!