Now I can smile again

Dear Dr. Horning, I am writing this note to thank you for all the treatments and advice that you have given me.

There were times when I was ready to quit my treatments, but because of your countless recommendations and encouragement, I now know relief from the constant discomfort that I experienced since I was told in December 2000 that my arthritis in the hip & back would require a hip replacement & my back would require injections to relieve the lumbar Stenosis. I can now function without the need of my cane!

I am not “cured”, however I have good thoughts about playing golf once again and walks on the beaches of Cape May.

We not only have developed a professional relationship but a personal one as well, and I promise to continue sending you the humorous E-Mails that I receive from all of my retired associates around the country.

Keep smiling, because now I can smile again too.