No more inhalers!

My Success Story

Of all the practical tools that a doctor has at his office, I would not guess that a large rectangular magnet could be among his most useful. Yes, a magnet, but I like to refer to it as the Magnet. I first heard about Dr. Horning from my husband, who told me about a big, heavily built working man that got all choked up when describing to a group of peers how his daughter had been cured of an unbearable body rash. Apparently they’d been from doctor to doctor, and had been prescribed drug after drug, but the rash didn’t go away until they went to see Dr. Horning, a Chiropractor. I do not know the details of that case, but as a person who is earnestly seeking the truth about health, that story stuck with me. I mean, how often is a man moved to tears? So, months later and cautiously hopeful, I called Horning Chiropractic and made my first appointment. I wanted to believe that this was going to be the one doctor that had a solution for my healing, not just a band-aid for my symptoms. Dr. Horning did not disappoint. It is nearly five months later, and I can honestly say that every aspect of my life has improved, all thanks to Dr. Horning, and the guidance he has given me.

Self-described as being “very competitive”, Dr. Horning has a clear plan, and genuine passion for curing health problems. During my initial appointment, the doctor explained the “Total-Person” concept of health, and I was given a demonstration of Applied Kinesiology that showed how my own body could be used to test for dysfunctions. He used the Magnet to test for various offending substances. I don’t claim to grasp how the Magnet could tell him anything about what was going on inside my body, but since I witnessed it with my own eyes, thumb, and pinky finger each time that it’s used, I know that the Magnet does work. By the end of my second appointment, Dr. Horning had diagnosed me with a “systemic yeast infection”, which, according to Dr. Horning, is an overwhelmingly common and grossly under-diagnosed condition, and the underlying cause of most disease, including some cancers! He gave me a precise plan for treatment that included dietary recommendations, supplements, and information that explained everything in detail. Knowing that I had an overgrowth of yeast in my body was quite disconcerting to say the least, but as I read more about it, it began to make sense. There is a mind-boggling list of symptoms that can be directly or indirectly related to Candida. Reading over the list, nearly half were applicable to me! With nothing to lose, I embraced and trusted the process, and Dr. Horning has been there to steer me through.

I always have the sense that Dr. Horning is firmly resolute in solving my particular health problem, and it’s obvious that he holds himself accountable for providing the highest level of care possible for each and every person. It is actually fun to go to my appointments and watch the doctor methodically and confidently identify, adjust, and correct body dysfunctions, and then verify those corrections using Applied Kinesiology as a tool. The Magnet confirms whether the foods I bring in are working for or against me, and to check for supplements which may or may not be to my benefit. No matter if there is a patient waiting behind me, Dr. Horning always takes the time to listen carefully, and explain or tell me something that can help. He gives me health tips and information that I know I can count on. It is evident that he cares. I leave my visits feeling great, and knowing I have done the right thing by going.

As a result of choosing Dr. Horning as my health care provider, I learned a tremendous amount about food and nutrition, and while I always considered myself well-read on the subject of nutrition, some of my long-held beliefs were utterly shattered. For example, I learned that saturated fats are not the villainous destroyer of health that that we’ve all been led to believe, and in fact can be quite protective and healthful, and it has been scientifically proven. I began to realize that a lot of what the “health-food” industry tells us is simply not true. I may have continued to be brainwashed by misinformation had I not been pointed in the right direction by Dr. Horning.

As the weeks go on, I gradually get better and better. My symptoms have largely been resolved and continue to improve steadily. The pain and stiffness in my neck and upper back is gone, and my neck is more mobile. After depending on two inhaled asthma drugs for nearly twenty years, I’ve discontinued one of them completely, and rarely use the other one. I’ve even begun to question whether I really have true asthma at all! All of this in less than a five-month span of time! My allergies and sinus symptoms have improved dramatically; I rarely react to the common triggers anymore, and if I do, they are very mild in comparison. Now I can actually have my cats in my lap and even hold them up to my face if I want to, when before it would set off sneezing, runny nose and itching eyes that lasted for hours at a time. I can breathe through my nose again. My mood is more stable and positive. I no longer get irritable each month. I woke up one day and realized I don’t feel stiff or achy anymore. I haven’t had a cold or flu since before I started going. As an added bonus, I lost the extra ten to fifteen pounds I’d been carrying around that never seemed to go anywhere no matter how hard I tried. I have a renewed motivation to pursue the things I want to do. The list just goes on…

Save yourself from one more day of not feeling your best, and make an appointment. Do it now, and take your whole family. Even if you are not in pain or sick, but just don’t feel your best and want to achieve a higher level of wellness, Dr. Horning can get you there, but be aware that you must be willing to make some changes at your end too. Most other doctors merely treat symptoms and diseases using pharmaceutical drugs, with no real focus on causative factors. Dr. Horning will treat YOU, not your disease. In my opinion, this makes him a doctor in the true sense of the word. He is the real deal. I’m thankful and grateful for having found him, and I trust his Magnet over another doctor’s prescription any day.