Lost 60 Pounds, Shoulder Blade Pain and MORE

Lost 60 Pounds, Shoulder Blade Pain and MORE

I headed into Dr Horning’s office with an acute rear shoulder blade pain stemming from an old back injury in mid-December 2015. After his evaluation, he stated that the problem is not in your shoulder blade but a pinched nerve in your neck. I replied, “Sure it is.” That was the last time I ever questioned the good Dr. After three quick visits, the pain was totally gone but more importantly was the ongoing care for my total body since I ached in my neck, hips, knees, heels and feet. The ongoing arthritic areas in pain limited my daily functions.

So I placed myself in his hands and upon his investigative manipulations I was informed that I had a systemic candida infection from my years of abusing sugar, dairy and carbs from being a widower for a short 5 and ½ years. For me it was all about ‘comfort food’ but I didn’t realize it actually was shutting my system down and enhancing my pain levels. Hence the sluggishness I felt every day and during that time gained a hefty thirty pounds.

With Dr. Horning’s trice weekly manipulations, critical supplements taken in specific amounts, a few different regiments to clean my insides up, I stuck with the plan and I’m happy to say that as of the middle of June 2016, I’ve lost sixty (60!) pounds so far with another 20 pounds to go in obtaining my initial weight loss goal. Once obtained I’ll decide how much more I’d like to lose. This was my wake-up call!! The amount of energy I now have is a marvel to enjoy each and every day.

With the ongoing assistance of Drs. Horning and Gyurina, I’m continually improving my posture, increasing my stamina, managing my arthritis, minimizing my psoriasis (from eating healthy foods again) and sleeping a whole lot sounder and not waking up exhausted.

Im currently on a bi-weekly maintenance schedule and look forward to each and every continuing visit. And, I must add, the staff in his office are the greatest!!


Bruce N