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June 2023 Newsletter

Complimentary Consultation
In our continuing quest to introduce more people (including children) to the
benefits of chiropractic care we are offering a complimentary consultation to see if chiropractic can help. Call the office for an appointment and bring in this page in order to receive your FREE consultation. Call now: 856-778-8688


Enjoy the benefits of chiropractic – the world’s largest natural, drug-free, surgery-free, expressive healthcare system.


More and more families are discovering that periodic chiropractic checkups and adjustments promote health and healing without drugs or dangerous medical treatments.


More and more people are turning away from symptom treatment and choosing natural ways to achieve and maintain health.


Are you tired of taking drugs and getting the medical runaround? Welcome to the world of chiropractic – discover how natural health can be!


This Issue’s Table of Contents

  • Why Are You Here? Why Aren’t You Here?

  • Is Your Head Screwed on Straight?

  • The 3 Mistakes the Japanese Made at Pearl Harbor

  • Questions and Answers

  • Traditional Eating

  • Researching Chiropractic

  • Success Story

  • Humor

  • References


Why Are You Here? Why Aren’t You Here?


You are joining many of your neighbors who have chosen the natural, drug-free chiropractic approach to good health. Chiropractic is the healthcare of the 21st century; it is an exciting new world of healing and health optimization.




People see their Doctor of Chiropractic for many different reasons. For some, chiropractic is a system of healing musculoskeletal problems including, but not limited to, back, neck, disc, arm, shoulder, leg, hip, nerve, and muscle pain or discomfort. (1)


Others use chiropractic as a natural system of healing from diseases or chronic conditions. These include headaches, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, skin conditions, PMS, menstrual cramps, arthritis, asthma, sinus trouble, digestive problems, nervous stress, emotional stress, fevers, bed-wetting, ear infections, colic, and many other conditions that might otherwise be addressed through drugs and or surgery. (2)


Still others use chiropractic to keep their health at its optimum, for better sports performance, higher resistance to disease, clearer thinking, a more comfortable pregnancy, labor, delivery, and more energy. (3)


For whatever reason you are here (or interested in coming here), we say, “Welcome.”


Please pass on this chiropractic message to your “uninitiated” friends so they may discover the chiropractic approach – and hopefully avoid invasive treatments like drugs and surgery while enjoying the chiropractic difference.

Is Your Head Screwed on Straight?


Have you ever woken up feeling like your head is just not screwed on straight? Caffeine may give you a jump start but it doesn’t really solve the problem.


Sometimes the clichés we blurt out are actually powerful indicators of what’s truly happening. Chances are, if you feel like your head isn’t screwed on straight, it probably isn’t!


If your body structure is out of alignment, a chiropractic adjustment will return your spine closer to its ideal position. When your head gets “screwed on” correctly, it is balanced and aligned with gravity. The result is feeling lighter, more relaxed, more at peace, and better able to go about the day in a more energetic and productive manner.


Our patients come in twisted and wound up, but leave feeling expanded, straightened out, and more at peace!


Don’t wait for the pain to be your call to action. Instead schedule an appointment and get a first-hand experience of this magical thing called a chiropractic adjustment. You won’t know how far you/your body regressed until you receive an adjustment and re-discover your newly balanced state.


The Three Mistakes the Japanese Made at Pearl Harbor

Sunday, December 7th, 1941—While Admiral Chester Nimitz was attending a concert in Washington, DC. he was paged and told there was a phone call for him from President Roosevelt. Nimitz would now be the Commander of the Pacific Fleet. Admiral Nimitz flew to Hawaii to assume command, landing at Pearl Harbor on Christmas Eve, 1941.


When he arrived, there was such a spirit of despair, dejection, and defeat–you would have thought the Japanese had already won the war.


On Christmas Day, 1941, Adm. Nimitz was given a boat tour of the destruction wrought on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. Big sunken battleships and navy vessels cluttered the water everywhere you looked. As the Admiral’s tour boat returned to dock, the young helmsman of the boat asked, “Well Admiral, what do you think after seeing all this destruction?”

Admiral Nimitz’s reply shocked everyone.  Nimitz said, “The Japanese made three of the biggest mistakes an attack force could ever make, or God was taking care of America. Which do you think it was?”

Shocked and surprised, the young helmsman asked, “What do you mean by saying the Japanese made the three biggest mistakes an attack force ever made?”


Nimitz explained: “Mistake number one was the Japanese attacked on Sunday morning. Nine out of every ten crewmen of those ships were ashore on leave. If those same ships had been lured to sea and been sunk–we would have lost 38,000 men instead of 3,800.


“Mistake number two: When the Japanese saw all those battleships lined in a row, they got so carried away sinking those battleships that they never once bombed our dry docks opposite those ships. If they had destroyed our dry docks, we would have had to tow every one of those ships to America to be repaired. As it is now, the ships are in shallow water and can be raised. One tug can pull them over to the dry docks, and we can have them repaired and at sea by the time we could have towed them to America. And I already have crews ashore anxious to man those ships.

“Mistake number three: Every drop of fuel in the Pacific theater is in ground storage tanks five miles away over that hill. One attack plane could have strafed those tanks and destroyed our fuel supply.


“That’s why I say the Japanese made three of the biggest mistakes an attack force could make, or, God was taking care of America.”


Admiral Nimitz was able to see a silver lining in a situation and circumstance where everyone else saw only despair and defeatism.  There is a reason that our national motto is, “IN GOD WE TRUST”.


Taken from “Reflections on Pearl Harbor” by Admiral Chester Nimitz.


Questions and Answers


Q.  What is healing?


 A. Healing is the magic that occurs when blockages and interferences are removed, and the individual reconnects to themself. The true magic of healing is you are becoming you!

The body has innate wisdom that guides the maintenance and repair of our cells, tissues, organs, and systems, so everything works together seamlessly as one unit.


Messages travel through the brain and spinal cord to all parts of our body and back again, constantly. So, this information goes back and forth, here and there, and we are designed to keep up this functioning at high efficiency as long as we are in good health.


The chiropractor’s job is to ensure that the messages that travel over your nerves, under the direction of your body’s wisdom, are free from stress. They do that by analyzing your body for subluxations – areas of spine and nerve stress – then using the art and science of the chiropractic adjustment to release or remove those subluxations. That way, you can function at your best.


Traditional Eating


Five Not So “Common”-Sense Nutrition Guides


  1. Use butter, ghee, coconut oil, olive oil, tallow, or lard for all of your cooking.

  2. Stop using margarine and vegetable or seed oils for cooking     .

  3. If you are able, breastfeed your babies. Also, don’t forget to tell your friends and loved ones that baby formulas can be less than ideal.

  4. Read the labels on your products and eliminate anything that has saturated or poly-unsaturated vegetable oils, including most processed cookies, cakes, and candies.

  5. When considering dairy items, use milk, butter, ghee, and cream from grass-fed cows.


Researching Chiropractic

Chiropractic clinical case histories have been a regular feature of our patient newsletter since its inception. There is no limit to the health problems that respond positively to chiropractic care. How many people suffering, reliant on medication, and facing a life of limitation could be helped by chiropractic care?


Probably most of them.


Fibromyalgia in a 64-year-old.  A 64-year-old woman with fibromyalgia was medically diagnosed 6 years before beginning chiropractic care. In addition, she complained of sleep apnea, loss of coordination, glaucoma, degenerative disc disease, and changes in bowel habits.


Using X-ray and other tools, an upper cervical subluxation was discovered at her atlas (C1) vertebrae.


She received upper cervical care for three months. At the time of this study, she reported 80% relief from symptoms and an improvement in energy level. (4)


Scoliosis in a 10-year-old girl.  This was the patient’s first time under chiropractic care. Analysis revealed a 16.2 degree right thoracolumbar scoliosis, measured from her 12th thoracic vertebra to her 6th lumbar vertebra.


She was adjusted for three months. X-rays, taken at 3 months, showed a 28.4% improvement in her scoliosis (a decrease of 4.6 degrees). (5)


Meniere’s Disease.  A forty-eight-year-old woman, a retired registered nurse, was diagnosed with right unilateral Meniere’s Disease (MD). Her symptoms included many episodes of dizziness with nausea and vomiting as well as drop attacks. She also had low-frequency hearing loss, tinnitus, and a sense of ear fullness with pain.


Chiropractic care consisted of twelve visits over six days. She returned for a reevaluation four years later. All her complaints were relieved, except hearing loss, though it did improve. (6)


Success Story

Knee Pain

I came in for knee pain. Dr Horning has provided wholistic relief for the symptoms I sought help for and I would refer his practice to others who might be seeking the same. His staff is very friendly and it is convenient to schedule appointments.
I would recommend his practice without hesitation. Heather T.



Doctor: Nurse, how is the patient who swallowed the roll of quarters?

Nurse: No change yet, doctor.


Things to ponder:

  • If the professor on Gilligan’s Island can make a radio out of a coconut, why can’t he fix a hole in a boat?

  • Why does Goofy stand erect while Pluto remains on all fours? They’re both dogs!

  • If Wile E. Coyote had enough money to buy all that Acme stuff, why didn’t he just buy dinner?

  • If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?

  • Did you ever notice that when you blow in a dog’s face, he gets mad at you, but when you take him on a car ride, he sticks his head out the window?




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