It took 3 of these “strange sessions” to take away my pain.

In all it took 3 of these “strange sessions” called BRT to take away my pain.

My Success Story I was introduced to Dr. Horning seven (7) years ago by a neighbor who “swore” by him as an exceedingly good chiropractor when I explained to her that I was having great difficulty getting comfortable because my upper back (between my shoulders) was so painful. I think it was the stress of driving back and forth over an hour to and from work at the time. I took her advice at that time and saw Dr. Horning quite frequently for about six (6) months. Feeling like a new person, I decided I didn’t really need to go anymore. Then, seven (7) years later, after five (5) years of karate, and still those hour commutes (however a different job) I began to notice lower right back and hip pain as well as upper back pain. The low back and hip pain would burn through me like a hot knife when I would stand or walk for any more than a few minutes. This – after I ran the Dublin Marathon in October 2004?!?! And now… with my second degree black belt test coming up on April 2, 2005!!! By the week before the test I was in intolerable pain (and I have had my share of painful occurrences through karate) so I decided to go to my doctor. Eventually, after a CT scan, two (2) x-rays and two (2) MRIs (imagine the costs!!) and 3 bottles of painkillers, all the doctors could tell me was that everything looked healthy and very normal for my age (I’m 42 so there was little ‘degeneration’ but nothing pressing on the nerves). So why was I in excruciating pain?!?!? During this time I went with my son on his 5th grade class trip to Washington D.C. to site see and I was in a panic every time it was time to “get off the van and walk”. This is when I decided enough was enough and I made an appointment with Dr. Horning. He took all my information and heard all my complaints and then he began his work on me. I was so inflamed and sore and stiff he had to work on me “conservatively” (his word). Each time I’d visit and he’d ask “How ya doing kiddo?” I would have to say “eh, so, so”. I had stopped karate all together after my 2nd degree test so my energy was down due to BOTH the pain AND the lack of consistent exercise. Eventually he tried a different technique in the office. It was a little odd but I walked out of there that day feeling better. I did not know what the technique was but in my head I thought “How could THAT possibly have done anything?” The next day I awoke and realized I had slept through the night for the first time in months. I also didn’t feel the usual unbearable pain as I stood and ironed my clothes for that day. Hmmm…. In all it took 3 of these “strange sessions” called BRT to take away my pain. At this writing I have been fully “BRT Evaluated” and the doc has begun his work on me. I am excited to return to karate this month after almost 3 months of no training as I am excited to live my life it’s healthiest and fullest!!!! (I’ve changed my diet as the doc has recommended and I feel worlds better – the diet change came after the pain left – I just couldn’t see myself driving all the way to the grocer that sells organics and then doing a whole shopping load while I was in such pain). I am happy to share this and I am NOT normally inclined to write about this “crazy stuff” but BRT (as well as chiropractic) is based on the belief that our bodies can heal themselves with a little push and you know what?!? Our bodies can when we stop mistreating them. Thanks for your time…

Gena C.