Improvement with no drugs

“Sunny Days”

About eight years ago when I was told that my shoulder was dislocated and not broken, the emergency room gave me Tylenol. As the weeks progressed the swelling went down, but my range of motion had become very limited. Then family members referred me to Dr. Horning. After a few neck adjustments, my arm was finally able to move normally.

When my back became really bad last year, I could hardly move my leg to stand up. Because of that I began to take Advil- up to 8 times a day! Having gone to three other doctors with no results, I became so desperate that I decided to make the time and financial commitment necessary for Dr. Horning to help me. Now I feel 95-100% better. But I will not repeat my past mistake of forgetting to take care of my back. Now I come in about twice a month along with my wife and son.

Since my wife has a mentally and physically demanding job, she now comes in to receive treatment for back and neck pain. From this she is getting a lot of relief, as well as a help in preventing any future problems.

When our 7 year old son was having a hard time with the authorities in school, his teachers though that he may have an attention deficit disorder. Explaining this to Dr. Horning, he wanted me to bring him in to see what he could do. We have had ups and downs over the past two months, but all of a sudden we have had a big improvement. His attitude is more mature and he is completing his work in school. No “cloudy days,” mostly normal days, and even a few “sunny days.”