Improved Vision

A Simple Thank You

My daughter Natalie has been seen by Dr. Horning since birth and is presently seen on a weekly basis. She has Down syndrome which has been complicated by a few other issues. One area that we have been working on has been her vision. I never thought to ask Dr. Horning to check if there was anything he could do to help her vision. Natalie has very poor eye sight and her left eye continues to turn in. Presently we are patching her good eye to strenghten her weak eye. This is a common practice requested by our opthamologist. Most recently we have noticed an increase in the amount her eye has been turning in despite our efforts. I became frustrated and asked Dr. Horning if he could do anything. Doc tried some muscle testing and came up with a few cranial adjustments. I was amazed and noted much improvement in her eye over the days that followed. He continues to monitor her eye providing adjustments as needed. I attribute much of Natalie’s success to being under Dr. Horning’s care. Thank you for helping Natalie maximize her potential!