I realized I could not smell anything

Last may 2003, I had a viral infection and lost my sense of smell. I did not realize it for several weeks. A coworker brought a bouquet of roses into the office and everyone was commenting on how lovely they smelled but I could not smell them. I then tried smelling other things and that is when I realized I could not smell anything.

I went to my primary physician who then referred me to an ear, nose and throat specialist. After many tests to determine how much I could smell it was determined that I failed them all. I then had a CAT scan of my head and the results were negative. On my follow up visit to the specialist he told me I had anosmia (loss of smell). There was nothing he could do, I just had to wait and see if my smell returned. If it did not return within a year, then I probably would not regain it. I went on the internet to learn about my condition, and there were many people who suffered from this, and they did not have their smell return. I waited a full year, and sadly, my sense of smell did not return.

My friend passed on one of Dr. Horning’s newsletters for me to read. There was an article about a patient who lost his sense of smell and Dr. Horning helped him. I immediately made an appointment with Dr. Horning. He evaluated my condition and he was very optimistic that he could help me. I wanted so much to believe him but I was afraid to get my hopes up. Within two visits, I started to smell a few things like lemon slices, oranges and sweet non-specific smells. As my visits continued, my sense of smell continued to come back. I can now look forward to each day in hope that new smells will return. I have been praying for this for over a year, and thank God for Dr. Horning’s care. I continue to be optimistic, and with each new smell that returns, I am hopeful that soon my life will be back to normal.

Rita M.