I HAD an ovarian cyst

I had an ovarian cyst.

Miraculously, just a couple of days later I felt 100% better. One Friday morning, without any warning, I found myself at work with severe pains in my lower abdomen. Unaware of what the pain was from, I went home to try to rest it off. Later that evening the pain became so awful my parents said it would be best if they took me straight to the emergency room for an examination. Hours later the test results showed that I had an ovarian cyst. The ER Doctor gave me a prescription of Percocet - a high dosage pain medication - and sent me home. For the rest of the weekend I would only wake up to take the Percocet because the pain would get so severe. That Monday morning I went to Dr. Horning for his help. After one session of the new updated BRT treatment I was already feeling better. I finally ate something after 4 days of no eating due to lack of appetite. The next day I went for another session and hours later I felt almost back to normal. The following day Dr. Horning found no reason for me to have another BRT session. With a very short notice he was able to see me the very day that I asked for an appointment. And miraculously, just a couple of days later I felt 100% better.
Jenny D