I feel like I was a new person.

I feel like I was a new person

In order to explain to you and make you understand how really great I feel now, you must understand how really awful I felt before I met Dr. Horning. If you have awakened from a deep sleep choking on your own bile and scared to death that the last breath you took might be the last breath you ever take, you might know how terrible that feeling can be and how afraid you are to fall asleep again. This was a regular occurrence for me, along with constant heartburn and gas. The Rolaids company and I are great friends! I had headaches al the time and a numbness in both of my elbows, that I just attributed to the constant use of the computer at my job. I never had a good day and I was beginning to think that life ended at 40, not began! I went to Dr. Horning after having one of the worst days of my life. After seeing x-rays and answering every question imaginable, Dr. Horning began work on me. Within the 1st visit I began to feel like I was a new person, but being the total skeptic that I was I thought maybe it was all in my head. Well I am very happy to say, it was not all in my head. The pain in my elbows…gone, heartburn…gone (no more Rolaids!). I have not been awakened from my sleep choking in 6 months, and I only sleep on one pillow now, not three or four. I am a very happy lady, now I know you are not supposed to feel bad every day of your life…thank you Dr. Horning!