I didn't feel like myself and didn't know why

My fiancé had been telling me to see Dr. Horning for 2 years, but I never felt the need for chiropractic care. Then little by little I started to notice changes, I became very irritable, moody, wasn’t sleeping through the night, developed real bad allergies, had a hard time turning my neck to the side and within the past 6 months starting putting on a lot of weight and felt permanently bloated.

I saw a nutritionist, followed the program to a tee, was tested for diabetes and thyroid problems, all of which turned up negative, and I was still gaining weight. I didn’t feel like my self and I didn’t know why. Finally I listened to my fiancé and went to see Dr. Horning. Nothing else had helped so I thought why not.

During my first visit we took x-rays of my neck. I was amazed to see the difference in x-rays when compared to a normal spinal x-ray. Mine was curving in the opposite direction. Dr. Horning said this was a result of a traumatic accident 5-7 years ago. I had completely forgotten about a car accident I had been in 6 years earlier, as I had walked away without a scratch and felt completely fine. However, the damage was catching up with me little by little, everything was shutting down.

I started treatment with Dr, Horning immediately and within days my mood had changed, I was sleeping through the night and I could turn my neck all the way to my left without strain. Dr. Horning talked to me about nutrition and within 5 weeks I lost 14 pounds. I also discovered I was allergic to most of the wines I had been drinking, hence the bloating. I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt so great. I can’t thank Dr. Horning and his staff enough and I recommend him to everyone.