I am an ice hockey player

Low Back Pain - I am an ice hockey player and this is my life.

Hi. My name is Chris and I am an ice hockey player. This is my life. I live to play hockey. I play travel hockey for the Flyers Youth and high school hockey for Lenape. Last year I played varsity ice hockey as a freshman. After the end of the season, I started to have a pain in my lower back. I thought it was just from playing a very rigorous and physical sport. I iced my back, rested and took ibuprofen. My back got better. This summer I went to the Penn State Ice Hockey Camp. On the fourth day of the camp, I took a slap shot and had to limp off to the bench. The trainers were great. They iced my back and I was good to go. But lo and behold, when I got home and had to practice with my Flyers Youth team, I could barely make one hour of practice. This was very upsetting to me. I live to play hockey. My mom took me to the doctor and they said to ice it, stretch it, and take ibuprofen. My back was not getting better. My entire family was very upset, including me. I live to play hockey and I could not play to my full potential. I could not make an hour of practice and then I could not even sit in the car. Then my mom remembered that her friend worked for Dr. Horning. We made an appointment and after a week of rest and three adjustments I could skate at practice. This made me very happy because I love to skate. That weekend I went on to play two very physical hockey games and I was not in pain. This is the best thing that ever happened to me. I have had literally 9 adjustments and I have no more pain in my back. I love Dr. Horning. He gave me my hockey back. I will continue to get adjustments because I want to be “on top of my game.” I do not think I will ever stop. I want to be healthy the rest of my life. I do not just want to “put a band aid” on my pain. I realize I play a very physical and demanding sport but I know that with the help of Dr. Horning I can play the sport that I love for the rest of my life! Not only did my pain go away, I know that I will be good with continuing adjustments for the rest of my life.

-Chris P.