Herniated Disc Severe Neck and Back Pain

Herniated Disc Severe Neck and Back Pain For Over a Year

I have a herniated disc and had been living with severe neck and back pain for over a year. As a working single mother, taking pain medication and/or muscle relaxers was not an option. I have also had bad allergies and been on allergy medicine my entire life. Neither of which I thought were related. I took a friend’s advise and made an appointment to see Dr Horning. Dr Horning was my last resort before breaking down to have surgery, something I was not quite ready for while still in my 30's. I was amazed at our first meeting because after so many doctors, specialists and prescriptions, Dr Horning was the only person that said he wanted to find out what was causing my pain and FIX the CAUSE of my pain without surgery and without medication. I also saw that he loves his work and genuinely cared about my well being and wanted to help ME. I immediately felt significant relief. Over the next few weeks, I saw Dr Horning 3 days a week, we worked on my allergies and my pain, some visits would last up to an hour but Dr Horning made sure that I felt good before I walked out the door every time, no matter how long it took. In a few short weeks, my allergies are in check, and my herniated disc gives me minimal aches. I am pain free, medication free (both for the back and allergies) and am able to function and move around like normal. I feel FANTASTIC!!!!!! Thank you Dr Horning, you gave me my life back!!!!!

Sasha L