The Healthiest She Has Ever Been

The Healthiest She Has Ever Been When we first started seeing Dr. Horning our 4 year old daughter was on 4-5 medications daily and had been suffering from asthma and allergies from 6 months old to the present. We often used the phrase “she catches everything” because we could never keep her well, especially during the fall, winter and spring.

This spring after feeling like things were spiraling downward, we were referred to Dr. Horning. Within the first two weeks we saw a difference in our daughter. A chronic asthma cough she had had since 6 months old stopped after the third week and we haven’t heard it since. We slowly weaned her off her medications and introduced the yeast diet. This wasn’t easy for a 4 year old but we managed and her health greatly improved.

We have been going to Dr. Horning for 2 months now and my daughter is the healthiest she has ever been. She is no longer taking any medications, doesn’t suffer from asthma, and shows no signs of allergies. Her skin and eyes seem brighter and more alive.

My husband and I, as well as my daughter, have suffered with her health problems for 3½ of her 4 years. Dr. Horning was able to completely change her health and our lives within 2 months.