Headaches, shoulder pain, numbness, depression, and stomach problems

Thank you for that.

I want to say thank you for the incredible change you have made in my total state of health! Less than two weeks ago I came to your office suffering from an almost constant headache and pain in my shoulder that kept me from sleeping. I had been treated for Lyme disease for almost two years. After fourteen months on massive doses of medication, including 30 days of I.V. therapy, I was still having headaches, shoulder pain, numbness, depression, and stomach problems. I came to your office as a “last resort” but now I wish I had come much sooner. However, like many others, I felt medication was the sure answer to pain relief and drugs were the way to “health”. After 10 days of treatment, I have no headaches and my shoulder pain has eased tremendously even allowing me to sleep. I have now realized that instead of treating symptoms we need to take a look at our overall health with an emphasis on prevention and nutrition…..words you seldom hear in a medical doctor’s office. This has been an exciting experience for me! You and your staff have been kind and helpful. I have never felt rushed or “put off” and I thank you for that. It is food to feel like a person instead of a patient. I feel like I have whole new out look and I thank you for that!