Free Of All My Symptons

Hair loss, Indigestion, Restless Sleeping, Fingernail Discoloration, High Blood Pressure and the Inability to Lose Weight

Free Of All My Symptoms! 

Approximately two years ago, I saw you at the recommendation of my parents. I fell on the ice several months previously and was experiencing pain in my shoulder. After several visits, the pain subsided.

During my visits, I mentioned that I was experiencing some hair loss, indigestion, restless sleeping, fingernail discoloration, high blood pressure and the inability to lose weight. After trying several of your recommendations, you thought it might be a yeast imbalance and recommended a yeast free diet with supplements for 21 days.

I am totally astonished how the food I was eating was effecting my overall health. I am now free of all my symptoms with the most amazing being how much my blood pressure dropped without any medication. You are truly an amazing miracle worker. Thank you for your time and patience.

Dawn V.