This is the first time in two years I have been pain free

This is the first time in two years I have been pain free for this long.

As a freshman in college, I began to experience severe cases of stomachaches, heart burn, and burning within my chest. After visiting the gastrologist, I was surprised to find that I was suffering from acid reflux. He recommended that I follow a certain diet, which will help me to understand which foods my body could or could not handle. I was to simply cut out fried foods, as well as melted cheese, butter, etc. After about two months of treatment, I still felt no relief from my acid reflux and stomach aches. After many visits with different doctors, they initially could find nothing wrong. There were no signs of ulcers, or other serious illnesses, which could result in these attacks. Finally I was prescribed Nexium as an acid reflux medicine to help ease the pain. Finally, the doctor concluded that my body was reacting to the stress and anxiety I was going through. I wasn’t even aware I was stressing myself out! Mind you, I am a college student who is 12 hours away from home, and this was my first real experience of being on my own. He explained that when your body is stressed out, it suffers by taking a toll on the weakest part of your body: mine being my stomach. The only further option he had given me for complete relief was to consider going on the lowest dose of an anti-depressant. Extremely freaked out by this, as well as completely against it (knowing that this was not the answer to my problem) I chose to simply deal with my pain and continue using Nexium, which only worked minimally. As I concluded my sophomore year of school, I found myself still struggling with my stomach. My mother is a patient of Dr. Horning and began to read about BRT. As she read through the various symptoms, and was struggling on how to help me deal with the gastrointestinal problems I was having, she suggested a consultation and evaluation with him. This was approximately 3 weeks ago. Within this short time, and approximately 11 treatments later, I have experienced no pain, and have not used my Nexium. I am continuing treatments through the summer, as this is the first time in two years I have been pain free for this long.