First time in over 30 years - OFF medication

This is the first time in over 30 years that I have been off medication for allergies during the peak allergy season!

In Dec 2004 my wife, and my then 6mo old daughter started treatment with Dr. Horning. We considered Dr. Horning services because we were frustrated with a resolved medical condition our daughter was having. Unfortunately our daughter was suffering from ear infections in both ears. It was an ongoing battle. Her pediatrician had continuously advised us to consider a procedure where tubes would be inserted into her ears, which would help alleviate the problem but we were concerned. Like any other parent that would be concerned about a procedure on a 6 mo old child we spoke to many different parents who had the procedure done. And we found that 50% of the parents that we spoke to that had the procedure, continued to have problems, and that in fact there was no guarantee. So by chance I was at a networking affair and heard Dr. Horning speak about unresolved medical issues. And like any cynical person I figured what could I lose, we decided to consult him. On the first visit he told us that the problem stemmed from a food allergy. Still skeptical I thought how could that be since we go to great lengths to make sure our daughter eats properly. But we decided to stick with the treatment. And on the second visit he identified what she was allergic to and by the fourth visit she was fine. She has NOT had any affects stemming from ear infections since!!! Amazing huh! Finally, I have suffered from allergies since I was 5 years old. I suffered so much that I rarely went outside in the spring and fall months unless necessary. Dr. Horning told me that he thought he could help. Of course I doubted it because there is no cure! "Millions of people suffer from allergies"....." is just not possible!" Well I have to say I was wrong! After visiting Dr. Horning three times and taking two NATURAL supplements for 20 days, dare I say that I am cured!!! But I can breathe and I spent the entire month of May/June of this year outside enjoying the weather! This is the first time in over 30 years that I have been off of medication for allergies during the peak allergy season! I feel great!!!!!!!!! (to coin Pat Croce) If you have any unresolved medical concerns, consider Dr. Horning. I have learned allot about my health over the last year, and I can tell you that no one medical professional has all of the answers. If you can enter into a treatment plan that is non-evasive and natural why not consider it. HAVE AN OPEN MIND!!! It might just change your life!!!!

Aaron N.