Excruciating low back pain

Excruciating low back pain, burning pain in my hip, and shooting pain down my leg.

I felt depressed, desperate and hopeless. I am a success story. I had a consultation with Dr. Horning on January 3, 2012, when I was desperate for help and relief from unrelenting back, hip, and leg pain. I’d been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and sciatica. In the past year, constant pain had prevented me from doing or enjoying so many things; I was truly miserable. I had excruciating low back pain, burning pain in my hip, and shooting pain down my leg. I felt depressed, desperate and hopeless. In the three months prior to coming to Dr. Horning’s office, I limped first to my primary care doctor to discuss the situation, and then to consult with specialists. I went for x-rays, completed a course of physical therapy, swallowed the maximum amount of over the counter pain medication each day, and cried myself to sleep each night because that’s when the pain was totally unbearable. Often I used sleeping pills, because without that help, I couldn’t sleep at all. I felt frantic and helpless because nothing I tried to solve my problem put a dent in the pain. When I confided to one of my friends just how badly I was feeling, he revealed he used to have the same symptoms and explained how Dr. Horning had helped. My friend told me that initially he needed a lot of help from Dr. Horning to fix his back, but then he moved on to the maintenance phase of the program, where he remains to this day. That information was so encouraging to me. But then, I certainly did not understand the role chiropractic care or kinesiology could play in restoring me to good health. Since that time, I learned a lot about the benefits of chiropractic treatment from Dr. Horning and his excellent staff. As Marie gave me an overview of chiropractic care, the educational component expanded my understanding of what Dr. Horning could offer me. I understood I would have to make a commitment of time, attend regularly scheduled appointments to have treatments, and in return, there would be a reduction in my pain. I was very motivated and quite ready to begin. At the time of my consultation, Dr. Horning requested additional x-rays, and once they were completed, he gave me his assessment of my condition. The main thing I remember was his opinion that he could help me. He said he could fix what was wrong and eliminate my pain. So, as unsure as I was of how the treatment would work, I put myself in this very talented doctor’s hands. Literally. It was quite a turning point in my life; in retrospect, Dr. Horning helped me get back the quality of my life that chronic pain was destroying. Since my first visit, Dr. Horning has helped get my back properly aligned which in turn eliminated the nerve pain that used to haunt my existence. Things really began to turn around. Within the first week, I felt some improvement. Instead of constant pain in my lower back and hip that radiated down my right leg and foot, the pain was absent for short periods of time. My symptoms did not disappear overnight; rather, I began to have pain-free periods throughout each day following my very first treatment. Thanks to Dr. Horning’s use of kinesiology and chiropractic treatment, each visit reduced the pain in my back, hip, and leg to a greater and greater degree. Finally, I was pain free. Incredibly, less than seven weeks had elapsed. The results seem like a miracle. Now I am able to share this amazing program with family, friends, coworkers, and anyone I know who is presently experiencing pain or is healthy and wishes to remain that way.

Lori M. Feb. 17, 2012