Depression, Learning, and Focusing Problems

Depression, Learning, and Focusing Problems

Before seeing Dr. Horning, I had been going to therapy to try and get help with my learning and focusing problems. My therapist had suggested it could be from trauma and explained ADD to me.

She suggested for me to see a doctor for help also. At this point in my life, I was finding myself being depressed even though I am typically a happy, positive person. I was failing college classes because of extreme test-anxiety and I was losing control of my moods and myself.

I had gone to my primary doctor which lead to my doctor giving me 5 questions to answer and prescribing me anti-anxiety and depressant medication. My father refused to let me go on medication and told me about Dr. Horning. I was immediately excited and very intrigued by all the positive things my dad had to say.

Dr. Horning gave me a strict diet to follow for 21 days. I completed the 21 days and now feel an extreme change. Gradually throughout the whole process I noticed positive changes such as boosts in energy (natural energy).

I've slowly gained more control in my focusing. I am able to read a book without having to stop and re-read every other sentence like I used to. I feel stronger, more confident, happy, focused and positive again.

Dr. Horning, my parents, and the girls that work at the front desk have all helped give me the support and tools to change my life for the better.

Kayla L.