Could not walk without a brace

Success Story -  Could not walk without a brace

When I came to Dr Horning in October of 2013 I was in constant pain, could not walk without a foot brace and a cane and was not able to drive. I had received three injections in my back, had been through many months of physical therapy and was on prescription pain medications with very little relief. Three different specialists told me spinal surgery was my only option and with that I might regain 80% of my function. As I was praying about my situation Dr Horning came to mind. I had seen him a few years previous for a different issue. On my first visit to his office this time he told me with confidence he could make me better. By January 2014, 3 months later, my husband stated I wasn’t complaining about my pain level as much and I was walking better. By March I was driving short distances using my brace infrequently and my pain level had decreased. Today I am on the ABC treatment plan with Dr Horning. I am no longer using my brace, very rarely taking pain medication, am able to drive long distances and my level of pain has decreased significantly. Surgery is no longer in my future I know that God led me to Dr Horning. I tell everyone about him, his skill and knowledge

. -Roslyn J