Chronic Shoulder Pain

Chronic Shoulder Pain, Spider Veins, Painful Concussion, Insomnia, Headaches and Dizziness

After learning that Dr. Horning treats his patients naturally and holistically, I decided to see him about my chronic shoulder pain and increasing appearance of spider veins. I had been suffering from severe shoulder pain for more than four years. While massages and heating pads provided temporary relief and relaxation, it was never long before my pain returned full force. With Dr. Horning's help, I have not felt any shoulder pain for almost an entire year. My spider veins have not only lightened, but no additional ones have appeared since I began chiropractic care. At the beginning of this year, I hit my head on a block of wood and suffered from a very painful concussion. My symptoms lingered for months afterward and eventually began to worsen. I visited my physician and the ER, but with the first indication that I may need to start taking medication, I immediately called Dr. Horning. Within two weeks of visits to his office, my headaches and dizziness stopped entirely and have not returned. In addition to treating physical symptoms, Dr. Horning addressed issues I had been having with anxiety and consequent insomnia. My sleeping patterns have significantly improved and, even amidst stressful circumstances, I find myself getting through each day with a clearer head and sense of well-being. I am extremely grateful and relieved to have a doctor who can treat me for any condition in a way that is safe and natural, without any harmful side effects. I recommend him to anyone who wants to feel better and improve their quality of life.

-Dawn H