Chronic dry spots

Our family has benefited.

Chronic sinusitis and nasal congestion were an accepted part of my life. I was told by the medical world I had chronic rhinitis and was prescribed a myriad of inhalers and nasal decongestants. After three years and not much improvement, my brother encouraged me to seek chiropractic care. I laughed and can remember thinking, “what in the world could a chiropractor do for my sinuses?” Before long my sinus trouble resolved. I was off my medication and sleeping on a chiropractic pillow. My husband Joe was originally seen a few years back for a chronic lower back problem which flared up. He was originally treated by a medical doctor with bed rest and muscle relaxers, with no improvement noted. Joe began seeing Dr. Horning and after one week, there was immediate improvement. Unfortunately at the time we did not recognize the importance of routine chiropractic care. Our insurance did not cover visits and we could not see the importance of paying for care. My daughter Gabriella is also under Dr. Horning’s care. Her initial problems were dry patches and cracking located in the bends of her arms and extending to her elbows, the calves. Her pediatrician recommended creams, lotions, and Neosporin. After six months we saw no improvement. Gabriella then began taking supplements and had routine adjustments. After one week we noticed some improvement. Into her third week, her calves cleared up and only one dry patch remains in the bend of her arm. This past November I decided to really take care of myself so I began coming to Dr. Horning on a regular basis for my adjustments. Since then, Dr. Horning continues to amaze me and my family with the vast array of problems that he has resolved. Our family has benefited over all from routine chiropractic care. It has improved many aspects of our lives. Joe, Gabriella and I look forward to a healthy lifestyle, as well as, a more holistic way of taking care of ourselves.