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November 2022




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Enjoy the benefits of chiropractic – the largest natural, drug-free, surgery-free, expressive healthcare system in the world.



More and more families are discovering that periodic chiropractic checkups and adjustments promote health and healing without drugs and dangerous medical treatments.


More and more people are turning away from symptom treatment and choosing natural ways of achieving and maintaining health.


Tired of taking drugs and the medical runaround? Welcome to the world of chiropractic – discover how natural health can be.



This Issue’s Table of Contents


  • Getting Sick Prevents Cancer and Heart Disease?
  • Retracing
  • Artificial Sugar Makes Us Fat
  • Questions and Answers
  • Traditional Eating
  • Researching Chiropractic
  • Humor
  • References



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Getting Sick May Prevent Cancer and Heart Disease?


This may seem a bit crazy or at least questionable but stick with us, there’s a method to our madness.


The school of Natural Hygiene is humanity’s traditional healing system, it is thousands of years old. It is based on ancient wisdom learned from experience. It understands that acute symptoms such as fever, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, sneezing, and coughing are mechanisms the body uses to detoxify, cleanse, rebalance, strengthen and heal.


The medical model is largely based on suppression of uncomfortable symptoms with drugs. Suppression prevents the body from externalizing disease and drives disease deeper into the body. Suppression has been linked to chronic (more dangerous and long lasting) illness.


For thousands of years, using natural hygiene, humanity, when clean food and water was present, was healthier than people are today.  Chronic illness such as heart disease and cancer has exploded in the past 100 years. Modern medicine’s obsession with drugs and vaccines (along with poor nutrition) is a major reason why nearly everyone is so sick and over half of all Americans (of all ages) are suffering from chronic illness.


Letting people get sick is beneficial. For example:


Heart disease


At an international conference of pediatric oncology, the following was reported (see the link for more):


Having two childhood viral infections reduces the risk of developing heart disease later in life by 40%; four infections was associated with a 60% decreased risk; and six infections lowered the risk of heart disease by 90%. (1)




Measles, mumps, chicken pox, the 24 or 48 hour “virus, the “stomach bug going around” and other things that result in fever are protective against cancer:


Febrile infectious childhood diseases are associated with a lower cancer risk in adulthood. (2)


A history of common colds or gastro-enteric influenza…was associated with a decreased risk of stomach, colon, rectum, and ovarian cancer. (3)


Hay fever, Asthma and Eczema


Lack of hay fever, asthma and eczema is credited to early exposure to normal childhood diseases. (4)


Having many older siblings; attending day care at an early age; growing up on a farm and in frequent contact with cattle, poultry, and cats; and having childhood measles and orofaecal infections...are all promoting normal immunological maturation and in preventing atopic disease. (5)




As mentioned above, fever, sweating, vomiting, skin eruptions, diarrhea, coughing, sneezing and many other symptoms are how the body detoxifies, cleanses, and heals. A cleaner body is protective against all diseases while suppressing symptoms with drugs drives disease deep into the body and causes chronic illness.




Retracing is part of the healing process. It occurs when old pain, injuries, or trauma (emotional or physical) surface after chiropractic and/or natural care.


Old injuries that haven't healed completely may "reawaken" for more complete healing. Memories and feelings associated with the original injury may also come to the surface. Retracing may not only surface as a conscious memory – old energy may release in dreams. Chiropractic patients have at times noticed that their dreams are unusual, intense, or revealing after care.

Some may experience a detoxification or cleansing of the body such as a fever, rash or vomiting.


Sometimes muscle soreness is caused by underused muscles working to realign your body.  This "charley horse" is usually brief.


Some people are in such good general health that they may feel no difference, while others may feel no difference for the opposite reason–they are so ill or toxic that they have lost sensitivity to their body.


The true benefits of the adjustment are usually found below the level of consciousness. It is when the nerve communication to the heart, lungs, joints, sexual organs, skin, eyes, ears, and the brain itself are improved that the true benefits of chiropractic are experienced.


Artificial Sugar Makes Us Fatter


Aspartame is 200 times sweeter than sugar.  The ironic thing is that artificial sweeteners are marketed with the promise of weight loss, yet they do the opposite!


From 1960 to 1976 the number of overweight Americans were 24% of the population. From the mid-1980s to today the number more than doubled to 54%. This coincides with the massive use of sugar-free “diet” foods.  About ¾ of the adult population consume them. Aspartame (NutraSweet, Equal) has been proven to increase appetite, especially cravings for sweets.


Aspartame is linked to...


Aspartame is linked to headaches, dizziness, attention difficulties, memory loss, slurred speech, and vision problems, described as “aspartame disease.” Multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, and other mood disorders have also been associated with aspartame. There is a suspected link with brain tumors,


Questions and Answers


Q.  My son threw up right after his adjustment. Is that normal?


A. It is wonderful (though messy and a bit embarrassing). Vomiting is not pleasant, but if you son had eaten bad food or needs to discharge toxins, wouldn't you want them better out than in?


Traditional Eating


Grass fed cows or soy and corn-fed cows.


Cows that are grass-fed produce healthier milk and butter. a good fatty acid whose health benefits include lowering triglycerides, enhancing the immune system, lowering insulin resistance, and promoting muscle growth is five times more plentiful than milk from cows fed grain.


The milk from grass fed cows also tastes better and is easier to digest and is healthier for you in many ways.


Non-pasteurized, full fat, non-homogenized milk and milk products are the best.


Researching Chiropractic


Chiropractic clinical case histories have been a regular feature of our patient newsletter since its inception. There seem to be no limit to the health problems that respond to chiropractic care. How many people suffering, on drugs, facing a life of limitation could be helped by chiropractic care?


Probably most of them.


Chiropractic improves brain function in children. Thirty-seven pediatric patients with neurological disorders, were enrolled in a chiropractic clinic to see if subluxation correction would influence their brain function measured by improved processing, engagement, learning and connection to the surroundings. In addition, primitive reflexes, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, auditory verbal skills, eye movement and visual cognitive skills were evaluated.


Learning included ease completing homework, ability to concentrate on a task/goal, handwriting, reading comprehension, organization/planning, spelling, understanding concepts, vocabulary and expression, attention/focus, and participation in extracurricular activities,


Vertebral subluxations when found at specific spinal segments were adjusted. During care, patient outcomes were measured via both objective and subjective measurements.


There was improvement of 74.1% in quality of life measured by parent surveys in all measured areas such as intra/interpersonal skills outcomes, feelings about school, relationships with peers, mood, anxiety, rigidity/demand for sameness, family relationships, loss of temper/emotional outbursts, and ability to self-regulate emotions.


There was also steady improvement with getting to sleep, quality of sleep, amount of sleep, eating habits, digestive health overall, frequency of bowel movements, and energy levels. (6)


Fibromyalgia in a 64-year-old woman. The patient was a 64-year-old woman diagnosed with fibromyalgia diagnosed 6 years prior. She also complained of sleep apnea, loss of coordination, glaucoma, degenerative disc disease, and changes in bowel habits.


An upper cervical (upper neck) subluxation was determined using X-rays and other forms of analysis.


The patient received chiropractic care for three months and by then had 80% relief of symptoms and an improvement in energy. (7)


Vaginal birth after cesarean section. The patient is 40-year-old woman 33 weeks pregnant with her third child. She had two prior cesarean sections due to malposition of fetus, deceleration of heart rate during labor and Pitocin intolerance.


Vertebral subluxations that decreased her pelvis and spinal range of motion, abnormal posture, and muscle spasms were observed during the chiropractic examination.


The patient was adjusted weekly. Her progresses was closely monitored. A total of ten adjustments were administered and the mother was successful in having a vaginal birth after cesarean. (8)


Success Story



I had been very sick with asthma and related illnesses for over 4 years. Going from doctor to doctor was very frustrating and I seemed to be getting worse and worse. I was now being hospitalized for weeks at a time unable to breathe.


At 40 years old, I lost my job and was unable to care for my 6- and 9-year-old children. A visit to Temple Lung Center was the final straw. The Chief Doctor informed me that there was nothing left to help me, to go on disability and stay inside the house away from all my triggers.


            I refused to accept this as my fate. I was very blessed to find Dr. Horning and he has completely changed my life. He was able to find the problem and suddenly I was feeling much better. I was able to go out in public again, drive my car, go shopping, take care of my kids—things that people took for granted every day. I am looking forward to getting better and better and Dr. Horning has made this possible!      Pam B.




An elderly physician, Doctor Geezer, became very bored in retirement and decided to re-open a medical clinic.


He put a sign up outside that said: "Dr. Geezer's clinic. Get your treatment for $500 -- if not cured, get back $1,000."  He put a sign up outside that said: "Dr. Geezer's clinic. Get your treatment for $500 -- if not cured, get back $1,000."


Doctor Young, who was positive that this old geezer didn't know beans about medicine, thought this would be a great opportunity to get $1000. So, he went to Dr. Geezer's clinic.


Dr. Young:  "Dr. Geezer, I have lost all taste in my mouth. Can you please help me?"

Dr. Geezer:  "Nurse, please bring medicine from box # 22 and put 3 drops in Dr. Young's mouth."

Dr. Young:  "Aaagh! -- This is gasoline!"

Dr. Geezer:  "Congratulations! You've got your taste back. That will be $500.


Dr. Young, very annoyed, goes back after a couple of days figuring to recover his money.

Dr. Young:  "I have lost my memory; I cannot remember anything."

Dr. Geezer:  "Nurse, please bring medicine from box # 22 and put 3 drops in the patient's mouth."

Dr. Young:  "Oh, no you don't -- that's gasoline!"

Dr. Geezer:  "Congratulations! You've got your memory back. That will be $500."


Dr. Young, having lost $1,000, leaves angrily, and comes back after several more days.

Dr. Young:  "My eyesight has become weak --- I can hardly see anything!"

Dr. Geezer:  "Well, I don't have any medicine for that, so here's your $1,000 back" (giving him a $10 bill).

Dr. Young:  "But this is only $10!"

Dr. Geezer:  "Congratulations! You got your vision back! That will be $500."


Moral of story --

Just because you're "Young" doesn't mean that you can outsmart an old Geezer.

Remember:  Don't make old people mad. We don't like being old in the first place, so it doesn't take much to tick us off.




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