May Newsletter 2021

May 1, 2021


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Enjoy the benefits of chiropractic – the largest natural, drug-free, surgery-free, expressive healthcare system in the world.

More and more families are discovering that periodic chiropractic checkups and adjustments promote health and healing without drugs and dangerous medical treatments.

More and more people are turning away from symptom treatment and choosing natural ways of achieving and maintaining health.

Tired of taking drugs and the medical runaround? Welcome to the world of chiropractic – discover how natural health can be.


This Issue’s Table of Contents


  • The Miracle of Chiropractic
  • Traditional Eating
  • The #1 Killer
  • What’s in a Name?
  • Questions and Answers
  • Did You Know?
  • Researching Chiropractic
  • Success Story
  • Humor
  • References



The Miracle of Chiropractic


Chiropractors don’t put any drugs or chemicals into the body, and they don’t remove body parts—and yet for well over a century millions of people have benefited from chiropractic care.


We’re not just referring to musculoskeletal pain such as back, wrist, arm, shoulder, neck, head, leg, hip and other pains but much, much more.


Chiropractic has become the largest drug-free healing science, art and philosophy in the world because of its successes. At a time when organized medicine attacked chiropractic care, the numbers of people visiting chiropractors exploded. Why? Because it works! Chiropractic is drug-free (no side effects or drug reactions), safe (chiropractors’ malpractice premiums are a small fraction of those of a medical doctor, especially orthopedists) and effective—as millions of people around the world will testify.


If you’d spend a day sitting in the waiting room of a chiropractor’s office, you’d be impressed with the many different people coming in for care. First of all, consider the ages¾from newborns to the elderly, pregnant patients and those who are literally carried in and walk out.


Second, you’d hear stories such as: “my child doesn’t have any more ear infections,” “he’s not as clumsy and has more self-confidence,” “her asthma seemed to disappear,” “his ability to concentrate has improved,” “his grades are better,’ “his allergies have stopped,” and many, many more.


Athletes especially benefit from regular chiropractic care¾students, weekend, amateur and professional athletes.


The role of the chiropractor is to make sure there are no distortions, blockages, subluxations and other forms of nerve interference in your spine.


Traditional Eating


The cost of a candy bar


Don’t feel guilty when you pay for good quality grass-fed beef, soy-free chicken and eggs, and grass-fed, 100% raw milk and cream (hopefully it’s available) from farms, markets and specialty shops. You are actually paying a fair price and ensuring your family’s health.


The next time you’re at the grocery store, try this little exercise. Do a simple comparison by the pound of different foods. You’ll likely find that candy bars cost from $14 a pound to $22 a pound. Of course, nobody pays $22 for a candy bar, but that’s just because a candy bar never weighs a pound.


See how expensive just a “cheap” little candy bar really is?


Why is it that so many people spend lavishly on their homes, cars and lifestyle, but when it comes to food they settle for the cheapest?


The true value is seen in the subtle long-term effects. Everything we eat either helps our body repair and replace cells, or it damages and degrades. The food we eat has a very direct effect on the health of our gut. Please remember whenever you eat anything, ask yourself the question, “Will this help or harm me and my children?”


Some things are worth our getting a good deal, but food quality should not be one of them. The American diet is said to be one of the worst in the world. Spend your money wisely. As the saying goes, “Some people spend their health trying to gain wealth, only to later spend their wealth to gain back their health.”


The #1 Killer


If you ask what the number one killer is, most people would say it’s heart disease, or cancer but the real killer that tops the list is STRESS!

A little stress is no big deal; some stress is enjoyable and even good for you¾riding an amusement park ride, getting a new house, starting a business, going out on a first date, getting married, having a baby and many others. After all, life is full of stresses that challenge us, teach us and help us develop.

But some stress is bad. Chronic, unrelenting stress that stays with us, that seems to never end, that we can’t recover from¾that’s the kind of stress that ruins minds and bodies.

It’s the real silent killer. You’ll find stress-weakened tissue that cancers develop in; you’ll find it in the recesses of the heart inflaming blood vessels and valves; you’ll find it upsetting the immune system, setting the stage for autoimmune diseases; and you’ll find it slowly weakening your nervous system and mental health: it’s chronic unhealthy stress.

Stress can be physical¾overwork or overplay. Stress can be toxic¾caused by pollution, pesticides in our food, GMO (genetically modified) foods, dental/oral infections, not enough sleep, constant worry¾the list is long. To be alive is to be under stress.

Chiropractic addresses a serious silent stress that weakens you on many levels and prevents your body from functioning at its optimum¾the subluxation. The subluxation is a distortion in your body that prevents you from functioning at 100%.

Chiropractors spend many long hours studying how to locate and correct (release or adjust) subluxations. Because most subluxations are painless you may never know that this stress is building up inside you¾affecting you physically and mentally.

Freed from the stress of subluxations, your entire being will function closer to its ideal; you’ll have more energy and a healthier immune system that is better able to deal with the many challenges life throws at you.

What’s in a Name?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” William Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet)

There are many named diseases—cancer, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure—but they are only names. The fact is that named diseases are an illusion. Collections of symptoms are given names for the convenience of the medical doctor. The patient is put in the same category of all the other people so diagnosed and that makes it easier for the physician to recommend drugs or some other intervention.


Simply stated, modern (orthodox) medicine lumps people into categories: everyone in that category, diagnosed with this disease, gets that drug.


However, when looked at scientifically, it becomes abundantly clear that no two people ever experience the same disease or have the exact same symptoms. People are unique. This uniqueness of disease has been recognized by traditional healing arts.


That is why practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other healing arts say, “There are as many different diseases as there are people.”


Chiropractic, as an Empirical healthcare system, sees every patient as unique. You are not placed into a category nor labeled. The more unique the care, the more successful the care.


By releasing deep stress (subluxations) from your body, chiropractic brings your body into harmony and balance with its internal environment and external environment. When a chiropractor adjusts your body to release subluxations, your immune system works. Chiropractic improves your physical and mental function.


Questions and Answers


Q. Can chiropractic help migraines and headaches?


A. Yes! Chiropractic has been shown to help those with headaches and migraines for over one hundred years! There is one part of the spinal column that is just under the skull that seems to be especially involved with migraines, headaches, vision and brain stress. That part is the atlas vertebra (also known as C-1, the first cervical vertebra). This is a very important area that is commonly checked and corrected (adjusted) by chiropractors.



Did You Know?


  • The human brain is 78% water? Both the human brain and heart are around 73-78% water. That is why dehydration is so dangerous.


  • You share your birthday with 19 million people? On average, a person will share a birthday with 19 million other people from a population of over 7 billion.


  • The human tongue heals the fastest compared to all body parts? That is because it is full of blood—now you know why it is red.


  • The Aztecs invented popcorn? They didn’t eat it. They used this as an ornament and it was used in headdresses. Maybe they would have discovered how good it tastes if they had also invented movies.


Researching Chiropractic


Chiropractic clinical case histories have been a regular feature of our patient newsletter since its inception. There seem to be no limit to the health problems that respond to chiropractic care. How many people suffering, on drugs, facing a life of limitation could be helped by chiropractic care?


Probably most of them.



Crying, screaming 6-week-old baby. A 6-week-old girl was brought in for chiropractic care by her mother. She said her child frequently cried and screamed, slept poorly, favored her right shoulder and had feeding difficulties.


After her first adjustment the baby immediately relaxed; the mother reported her daughter slept for six hours that night. In addition, she fed equally on the left and right sides, no longer cried inconsolably and was able to lie on her back without extreme discomfort. (1)


Pervasive developmental disorder. A 33-month-old boy diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) and sensory processing disorder (SPD) had developmental delays in communication, speech, cognitive function, gross and fine motor skills, “fist walking,” and bruxism (grinding teeth). He also lacked social and emotional development as well as self-help skills.


Since medically there is no cure, he was prescribed ADD medications, antidepressants, anti-seizure medication and antipsychotic medication to treat his symptoms.


Chiropractic care consisted of the location and correction of subluxations. After ten months his language skills had improved greatly and his sensory processing issues had reduced (“he seems much more comfortable in his personal space”). In addition, his bruxism reduced, he was no longer “fist walking” and he had stopped swaying and rocking, His mother reported that he was also beginning to read at a level above his age and his social skills improved. (2)


Trigeminal neuralgia (tic douloureux). A 77-year-old woman who had been suffering from severe right-sided trigeminal neuralgia (TN) for seven years went to a chiropractor for care. Her TN pain was only initially helped by medication and was made worse by chewing, talking and smiling. When her symptoms were their worst, she was unable to eat or talk well for 4 days.


Initially she rated her pain 10 out of 10; describing it as a constant hot, throbbing, burning sensation that progressively gets worse.


Subluxations at C1 and other segments were located and adjusted. Nutritional supplementation including Omega-3’s and Vitamin D was also implemented. After six visits the patient saw significant reduction in pain. After four months she went off her medication and at 6 months was pain free. (3)


Success Story

Low Back Pain

Absolutely the best chiropractor I’ve seen. I’ve had low back pain for years and have visited dozens of chiropractors in the Philadelphia area with very little sustained success. Then one day I found this clinic. After one month of visits, I’m completely pain free. I couldn’t believe it. Absolutely phenomenal clinic. I just got back driving from Texas and I was absolutely amazed that I had zero pain whatsoever during or after the trip. I highly recommend it here. Eric S.




The pen is mightier than the sword, and considerably easier to write with. —Marty Feldman


A bachelor never quite gets over the idea that he is a thing of beauty and a boy forever. —Helen Rowland


Beauty is only sin deep —Saki (H.H. Munro)


Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone. —Dorothy Parker


In the beginning there was no plagiarism. —Karl Kraus


The early bird gets the worm but look what happens to the early worm. —Alfred E. Neuman


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A bird in the hand is dead. —Rhonda Boozer


Never judge a book by its cover price. —Fran Lebowitz


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