Back Knee Feet & Nerve Pain

Back, Knee, Feet, & Nerve Pain

Approximately 2 years ago I was referred to Dr Horning because of his expertise in working to alleviate pain and his ability to help maintain healing through monthly visits and proper nutrition. My painful experience was located in my lower back and in both knees. My first visit was very encouraging as Dr. Horning took X-rays and explained to me that he could help my problems. Over a short period of time and with Dr. Horning diligently working with the problem with my knees and back and encouraging exercise, healthy eating, and taking of vitamins that I needed, my pain ceased. I was amazing. My next encounter was with lower back pain and due to multiple discs pressing on nerves caused severe pain in my leg and feet. I have never experienced anything like it and often wondered what would become of my physical mobility if this situation continued. Many nights I could not sleep in my bed and when attempted to do so, I just could not find a comfortable position to lie in, and the stabbing, stinging, itching, and electrical like currents were simply unnerving. I spent several nights sitting uncomfortable in a chair and losing much sleep. Thank you Dr Horning. My most sincere feelings and belief is that you actually entered into my pain and sought every avenue to bring relief and eventually fix the problem. You not only felt the problem but you cared enough to continue to working with my feet, and back until I was completely alleviated of the excruciating, nagging pain. I am now able to sleep all night in my bed and I can even wear shoes without taking them off midday. Dr Horning is dedicated to the field of Chiropractic Care and I believe he actually feels the pain of those who come for treatment and conscientiously works to help alleviate the pain of those who come for treatment. Thank you again and again Dr Horning for wholeheartedly loving the work that you do and most of all, thank for going above and beyond the call of duty to help me when I most needed your help.

Leatrice C.