Back and Foot Pain

Back and Foot Pain

If you're looking for a chiropractor, I strongly recommend Dr. Horning without hesitation. He delivers results.

I started seeing Dr. Horning the past two weeks for lower back and foot pain. My experiences with him have been nothing short of amazing, from my first consultation through present. In my first visit, he took the time to talk to me about all of my concerns and how I arrived at my condition, PLUS sent me for X-rays, AND made time for me to come back the same day to review the results together and discuss a plan for recovery.

I had injured my back over 3 months prior to seeking help. (I kept taking Aleve thinking it would just go away on its own. But it didn't. I was just masking the pain, and exacerbating the problem.) Then when I hurt my foot I realized I needed professional help.

Dr. Horning was able to quickly pinpoint the cause, make adjustments to my body, and within just 3-4 visits, I felt like i had a brand new back. I was thrilled. My foot is significantly better as well (the condition is different so will take a little longer for full recovery, but feels 100 times better than before I sought help.)

I'm an avid indoor cyclist, and was really worried that I wouldn't be able to continue my workout routine. But Dr. Horning made it possible for me to still work out every day -- but do it smarter.

He was a competitive cyclist and body builder, so his knowledge is not just from the books -- it's also first hand experience. He's been helping me learn more about how to train smarter, ensure I'm able to exert enough effort to get the job done but not overdo it, and teaching me about the importance of heart rate training. I've adjusted my routine based on his advice, and am thrilled with how I've been feeling. He even took the time to look at the bottoms of my cycling shoes to make sure I'm using the proper kind.

There's always other patients in his office when I come, but I never have long wait times. Not sure how he does it, but it's great!

He also does NOT try to set any false expectations. I remember on my first consultation, he explained muscle memory to me, and said ok, this adjustment I'm about to do on you for the first time will probably last until the time you walk out to your car. It takes time for your body to re-learn how it's supposed to be. This is really important for people to know, because if you go to one visit expecting a miracle, it just doesn't work that way. But I followed the plan he gave me, and I'm telling you, after just one week, felt like I had a brand new back, and can walk on my foot again without horrible pain.

Everyone's bodies and how they arrived at their injures are different, so I think will experience results in different timeframes. But I have complete trust in Dr. Horning, and will continue to see him for full recovery and maintenance going forward.

And I don't want to discount his staff - really friendly and helpful every time I call and come into the office. It's just a really positive atmosphere altogether.

Kristy P.