Allergy FREE

One of the Best Moves that I Ever Made

I had been through weeks of Physical Therapy and medication without relief, when I came across Dr. Horning’s office while taking my boys to the Allergist. I decided to come in and was greeted by Dr. Horning and his staff. This was one of the best moves that I ever made. I had suffered with episodes of low back pain since 1976, not knowing what was wrong with my back other than being diagnosed with Lumbar Disc Syndrome. Dr. Horning performed both physical and radiological examinations of my back and then discussed with me what was wrong, what was the cause, and how he would attempt to correct it. Throughout my treatment Dr. Horning has discussed in detail his procedures, and my progress. He gives literature and constantly keeps his patients informed. His staff is congenial and very supportive. I also like the fact that he involves your family in your treatment. Presently I have received eight treatments, after the fifth I was without pain. I have cut grass, played basketball with my boys, don’t take any mediation, and have returned to work. Yes, I do endorse Dr. Horning, in fact he is treating four other members of my family, my wife’s hairdresser, and my neighbor. My RN wife was very impressed with Dr. Horning also.