ADHD Success Story

Our five-year-old son was showing almost every symptom that commonly accompany the diagnosis of “ADHD.” He was extremely hyperactive, easily agitated, impulsive, had trouble socializing, and was a restless sleeper. His hyperactivity was taking a toll on our family as it affected every aspect of our lives. This had been going on for almost three years. We took him to several doctors including pediatricians, Ear, Nose and Throat (we had his tonsils and adenoids removed), and a neurologist. All of them said he was just a “normal, hyperactive little boy.” I wanted to believe this but as a parent my “gut” was telling me something just wasn’t right. A friend suggested that I take him to see Dr. Horning and we decided we had nothing to lose. That is when it all changed, practically overnight.

Dr. Horning, at our very first visit, identified several areas that were causing trouble for my son. He suggested an immediate and drastic change in his diet as well as supplements. I was nervous about him “adjusting” my son but those fears quickly vanished when I saw how relaxed and peaceful my son felt during and after our visits.

The change in my son has been almost miraculous. We have only been seeing Dr. Horning for less than three weeks now and my son is already so much calmer, happier, more conversational, clearer thinking and comfortable in his own skin. I always knew there was a wonderful little boy inside just waiting for someone to find him. I just didn’t know how. In three weeks Dr. Horning accomplished what all those other well-meaning doctors could not accomplish in three years. I’m so happy we did not rush to put my son on ADHD meds and instead gave this a try. Now I want to shout it from the mountaintops to other parents who may be dealing with these same issues. Dr. Horning is the “real deal.” I cannot thank him and his staff enough for their warmth, sincerity and most importantly for the RESULTS we are achieving.

CN, Mom of NN