Ability To Breath More Normally

My visits with Dr. Horning have been mainly for recovery from a broken collar bone. During one of my visits I mentioned that I have never been able to breath through my left nostril due to it being partially closed up most of my life from a broken nose early in life.

I had gone to a nose and throat specialist via a referral from my primary physician years ago and was counseled on a possible operation which could be done to alleviate my breathing problem. The downside of this operation, I was told, was that I might be left with a hole internally between my nostrils as a result of the procedure.

I never had that dangerous operation performed, deciding to live safe and unmangled. Over several visits with Dr. Horning, I have begun to breathe through both my nostrils normally. Dr. Horning’s adjustments for my breathing problem, I believe, has helped begin to alleviate my post-nasal drip and helped to relieve my inability to sleep soundly through the night. Now having the ability to breath more normally I am not as exhausted due to better sleep. I am very grateful to Dr. Horning for his chiropractic skills which have helped me tremendously.

Robert S.